Backyard Opera x Above The Clouds

With the growing popularity of online shopping, it’s becoming increasingly rare to find actual retail stores that stock abstract and interesting brands. This is what makes it all the more special when you do find a store that stocks beautiful and unique clothing, and Backyard Opera is proud to announce that we have found just that. Above The Clouds is located in the heart of Oxford Street and stocks amazing local and global brands which are both street and luxury, male and female. We chatted to owner/founder Dimitri Calligeros about how it all started, and what has made the store so successful.

Above The Clouds began in 2010, when Calligeros partnered with a friend after noticing a gap in the fashion market, “we wanted a street-wear store that stocked the brands we wanted to see”, Calligeros tells us. “We named the store after our favourite hip-hop artists, DJ Premier and Guru, [Guru] passed away, which is why we called it ‘Above the Clouds’” (which is also one of the duos songs). The store started on Crown Street but has since moved to Oxford Street, and its variety of stock continues to grow and develop to cater for a growing consumer following. 

The stores growing popularity undoubtedly lies in Calligeros’ ability to source and stock limited and relatively unknown international brands, the most abstract of which is Moreporks, a New Zealand based menswear brand. “We are the only stockist [of Moreporks] outside of their home country” says Calligeros, “Above The Clouds has established itself as the place to buy Moreporks in Australia… it’s always cool to sell brands which you can’t get everywhere else”. In addition to Moreporks, Above The Clouds stocks over 30 brands of menswear, womenswear, footwear, headwear, jewelry and accessories, as well as boasting a popular online store. 

With such a vast selection available we asked Calligeros to walk us through his favourite brands that are currently in store. “My favourite brand in store at the moment for men is definitely Brooklyn We Go Hard from Paris, their Brooklyn Parle Francais sweater was our strongest piece this winter” he tells us, “for the girls, definitely UNIF.M and Stolen Girlfriends Club”. The continual success of Above The Clouds only demonstrates Sydney’s preparedness to embrace the global interpretations of the hybrid that is high-end street style. “Sydney is a great city in terms of fashion” Calligeros agrees, “the customers at Above The Clouds know what they want… they appreciate quality and don’t mind to look a little different from the rest”.  

If that sounds like you (which of course it does) then check out Above The Clouds located at 6/44 Oxford Street, or online at


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